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Hawthorn Studio of Dance Pty Ltd

A Caring Quality of Dance Education

Discerning parents will appreciate the importance of a child-centred dance education that builds confidence, technical skills and self-esteem.
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Dance Styles

Hawthorn Studio of Dance has two directions; the teaching of Classical Ballet and Musical Theatre. In the junior levels, classes are structured in age ranges for a happy social environment. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels are introduced for the senior students. Below is a brief outline of what the school has to offer. Examinations are held with the "Royal Academy of Dance" and "Theatrical Dance". Please see ‘Examinations’ for more information.


Baby Toes Ballet

Introduction to ballet for children aged 3 to 5 years. Specially designed classes to develop motor skills, creativity and musical awareness. Both girls and boys are welcome in these classes.


Limber /Stretch/Pliates

A highly recommended class that complements all styles of dance by giving the student more understanding of the body as well as improving flexibility.


Classical Ballet

The true basis of any dance form. Ballet slowly trains the dancer’s strength, discipline, flexibility and secures a strong technique. Classical ballet is required for any student who has visions of becoming a professional dancer. Vagarnova Style of Ballet (Russian Method) is taught at the senior levels.


Jazz Dance / Hip Hop

Co-ordination of quick dynamic movements isolating all parts of the body. Dance to popular music and develop a good sense of rhythm. Hip Hop or American Street Dance is a class for students from 10 years. An upbeat and trendy style often seen in video clips.



A development from the classical style. Creative expression and free flowing movements. Modern up-tempo music is used in these classes.


Tap Dance

Emphasis on the beating and tapping sound of the feet. Tap shoes are required.


Character Dance

Included as part of the Royal Academey of Dance classes. National dance steps are taught from different countries around the world such as Russia, Poland and Hungary.


V.C.E Dance

Students are accepted from year 10. Four units of study are covered over 2 years. 


Boys Jump N Jive.

Developed from our Baby Toes classes, it became aware that boys require much more stimulous and aerobic activity. The students dance to up-tempo music which works on co-ordination and flexibility.


Competition Classes 

For students who wish to make a commitment to dance in Eistetfords through-out Melbourne. Solos, and Group Troupes are on offer by appointment.

Hawthorn Studio of Dance holds two stage productions annually at the Besen Centre in Burwood.